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How to Generate Popup Cards From 3D Pictures

Artist Ken Kawamoto  (Japan) created a program that automatically generates popup cards from 3D point cloud data collected from an Kinect-like time-of-flight camera . His goal was to print a 3D pop-up-style photograph of his child and put it on his desk. And for convenience, he wanted a foding print that collapses to save space so you can easily carry it around.

 Ken 1 320px

 How it Works

From the XYZ coordinates of each pixel in the picture, the software group them in clusters of (almost) identical Z values to create the various planes. Then, each layer of the multi-plane image are shifted down, with the foremost layer at the bottom.When merged onto a single card, the image layers remain separated from each other slightly so that there's a 3D effect when they're cut out. The program adds red lines to show where you should cut in order to make this card "popup"-able.
The example image was generated automatically from two layers.
card side

Interested in the Source Code?

Those interested in recoding Ken's software may contact him directly through the link here under.

Sourc e: KawaLabo.