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19th Century San Antonio 3D Stereocards Available Online

Around 1840, photography and stereoscopy were discovered. Stereoscopic cards takein by Henry Doerr in San Antonio were selling by the thousands in the middle of 19th century. If you ve an old mirror stereoscope, you can enjoy 3D pictures the same way people watched them a full hundred years before the frist 3DTV was invented! This picture and many othersare from  the Robert N. Dennis collection of stereoscopic views preserved in the New York Public Library and recently published online to the NYPL Digital Collection.

stererocard 320px

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How to Generate Popup Cards From 3D Pictures

Artist Ken Kawamoto  (Japan) created a program that automatically generates popup cards from 3D point cloud data collected from an Kinect-like time-of-flight camera . His goal was to print a 3D pop-up-style photograph of his child and put it on his desk. And for convenience, he wanted a foding print that collapses to save space so you can easily carry it around.

 Ken 1 320px

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"The Great War in 3D" Stereoscopic Photos Set

The Great War in 3D is A Book plus a stereoscopic viewer, plus 35 3D photos of Men In Battle, 1914-1918. The paperback version is available now in most online shops for $21.63..

Great War in 3D 320px

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Paris in 3D: In the Belle Epoque

"Paris in 3D: In the Belle Epoque" is a set of stereoscopic 3D images from the 1880-1914 period, a 128-page book by Bruno Fuligni, and a foldable stereoscope. The set is available now at $24.89.

This handsome, unique package—containing a stereoscopic viewer, 34 3D photographic cards, and a photo-packed paperback book—offers a rare view of Paris, the world's most beautiful city, during an era when art, literature, poetry, and music blossomed and reigned.

parisin3D 320px

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View-Master 2.0 Offers Virtual Reality Features

For over 75 years, generations of kids have been introduced to the wonder of stereoscopic 3D by View-Master. Today Mattel is reimagining an entirely new way to explore and discover the world around you.

Mattel's new View-Master offers an easy-to-use and affordable platform that will enable users to take engaging field trips where they can explore famous places, landmarks, nature, planets and more in 360 degree ‘photospheres'. By pairing the View-Master's ‘experience reel' and app with an Android smartphone, kids will immediately experience an imaginative and interactive learning environment.

Viewmaster 21st Century 320px

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