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Gimpel3D2 conversion software

One more 2D to 3D conversion software? Yes, but...Gimpel is may be the most sophisticated conversion piece of code you will be able to buy on the internet. The author's web site has several examples and eight video tutorials explaining the engine under the shareware hood. GIMPEL is freeware (for non commercial use).


The user works in true proportional space where the scene can be viewed from any location. The scene is edited geometrically in space using tools specifically designed to work with the perspective projection of the image. This creates a virtual workspace that is intuitive for the user and proportionally accurate.

* - Wide selection of tools allow for any level of detail.
* - Easy construction of regular geometry using Auto-Alignment.
* - Complex scenes can be modeled once and re-used.
* - Surfaces can have physical contour and/or relief texturing.
* - Custom models and/or depth maps can be applied selectively.
* - Realtime anaglyph stereo view provides immediate visual feedback.
* - Objects and stereo settings can be animated and keyframed.
* - Multiple options for gap-fill and post-processing.
* - Can import data to leverage existing pipelines and/or content.
* - Can also be used as a start-to-finish solution. 
* - Extensive help documentation and examples.

The shareware version of Gimpel3D is available from the GIMPEL web site.