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Fine-tune your Depth Maps with Dimenco @DEPTH 2.0

Dimenco showcased the extended capabilities of its 3D content-enabling software @DEPTH 2.0 at NAB in Las Vegas this week. @DEPTH 2.0 contains two major new features: The ‘Accurate’ algorithm and the Depth Maps Creation Service (DMCS).

@DEPTH 2.0 offers a cost-effective semi-automatic and high quality offline conversion of 2D video content to any 3D content format including stereoscopic and multiview. @DEPTH 2.0 uses depth maps in order to create 3D. These depth maps are grey scale images in which the user can bring objects to the front by coloring them whiter and can bring objects to the back by coloring them a deeper black.

dimenco-at-depth 250px

Also for 3D Content Editing

In addition to converting 2D content, @DEPTH 2.0 is the perfect tool to edit 3D stereo-content. It calculates the depth information from high-definition stereo content in a fully automated process, using the disparity between the left and right images. This gives the user the ability to compose shots, edit the amount of depth per frame and render for different types and size of 3D screens.

The depth information can be used to generate high-quality stereo or autostereoscopic (glasses-free) 3D images. Previews of the converted content can be shown in real-time on a Dimenco glasses-free 3D display or a traditional glasses-based stereoscopic 3D display. The

The ‘Accurate’ Algorithm

In addition to using the existing software algorithms, it is now possible to use the new and improved algorithm called ‘Accurate’. Like its name, the new algorithm offers the user a much more precise algorithm. This will mean higher quality generated depth maps and a better quality for your 3D footage. By adding depth maps the user can also control the quality of the 3D conversion footage and control the effort and cost of conversion.

Depth Maps Creation Service

Via @DEPTH 2.0 the user can make use of the fully trained and experienced artists at Dimenco, who can manually create the depth maps for the user. This feature allows the user to take full control over its budget and increase the speed of the conversion. Using the @DEPTH 2.0 software it is now possible to order depth maps of the key frames for only $5. Simply upload your chosen keys frames via @DEPTH 2.0 and order the depth maps for these frames. The ordered depth maps are finished within 3 working days. With the created depth maps @DEPTH 2.0 will calculate the depth maps in-between, enabling high quality low cost conversion.

Pricing and Availability

Customers can download a free 30 day trial version, try out the experience and provide feedback to the Dimenco product team. The trial version of @DEPTH 2.0 is available via the Dimenco website. The stimated license cost per seat per year is $2,500. Educational pricing as well as volume licensing are available.

Visit Dimenco for details.