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X3D is the New Standard for Interactive 3D on the Web

X3D is the International Standard for interactive 3D graphics for real-time communication on the Web. X3D is a royalty-free open standards file format and run-time architecture to represent and communicate 3D scenes and objects using XML. 

Surfing the web with Web3D, an Oculus VR helmet and the Chromium web browser is possible; watch the video here under.

web3D 640px

X3D by Web3D Consortium

This video shows prominent 2016 exemplar demonstrations:

  1. Multiple scenes showing Animation, supported by multiple players.
  2. Interactive 3D graphics on mobile device and platforms including mobile and immersive devices.
  3. Presentation of Geospatial Data. With X3D, 3D graphics may be Integrated with graphs and text description.
  4. Embedded in HTML, embedded in a web page without need for external plugins.
  5. Stereoscopic TV or presented on auto-stereoscopic TV.
  6. CAD models and applications include visualization in Computer Aided Engineering.
  7. Human Animation (H-Anim) includes dynamic and interactive animation of human figures.
  8. Volumetric rendering for Medical Imaging.
  9. Urban modelling and animated city-scapes for urban modelling and planning.

 X3DOM with Leap and Oculus Rift 2 via WebVR

More Info

X3D is an ISO-ratified standard that provides a system for the storage, retrieval and playback of real time graphics content embedded in applications, all within an open architecture to support a wide array of domains and user scenarios.

Want more X3D videos? Check the Web3D Consortium YouTube channel here.

For more details about X3D, vitis If you are interested to join the consortium, go to this page.