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Easy Way to Download YouTube 3D Videos (December 2014 Update)

Watch 3D Videos on Youtube

When watching a 3D video on YouTube, the settings icon (the 'gear' icon in the bottom right corner) presents a 3D On/Off Switch. Be sure it is in the "On" position, then select your preferred options. Without special hardware, you may select "Full Color" and "Red/Cyan" to display the video in anaglyph. 3D will only need a inexpensive pair of red/blue glasses.

Internet Explorer note : If 3D optios are not available, fix it by 1) downloading the last version of IE; 2) deleting cookies and restarting (Go to Internet Options, General, Browsing history, Delete, check Cookies and website data, then Delete).

Download 3D Videos from YouTube

This is a step-by-step guide on how to Download 3D Stereoscopic Videos from YouTube.

A Simple Download Script for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera

08 December 2012 Google Chrome download script update

The procedure for Google Chrome has changed in December 2012; if your previous download method don't work anymore, click here to (re-)install the last version of the 'download video' script.

Chrome: Just follow this link and click on the red "Install .user.js" button. The same page explains in details how to install the script in Google Chrome.


Firefox: Just follow this link and click on the red "Install .user.js" button. The same page explains in details how to install the script in Mozilla Firefox.


firefox logo-135px


Opera: Just follow this link and click on the red "Install .user.js" button. The same page explains in details how to install the script in Mozilla Firefox.


A javascript solution as described here above is simple and efficient. However, if you want a more efficient (but a tad more complicated to install) solution, follow the procedure here under.

Best Video Downloader for Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome

If you use one of the three most popular browsers, you may download and use the free "Best Video downloader" application. This Mac and PC add-on has been updated recently with several bug corrections, making it better than ever.

BVD Mozilla

Description by the author: the fastest YouTube downloader add-on available online! Download YouTube videos as 128kb MP3s up to 30x faster than any of the competing downloaders. We offer the highest sound quality available and our free YouTube downloader works directly within page! Download and convert YouTube videos as high quality M4A, AAC, MP3, MP4, FLV, or MPEG files. With Easy Video Downloader, it's never been easier to download from YouTube!

Caution: Be careful during the install procedure as the installation script will propose to install various uninteresting toolbars and add-ons; cancel those and just install the main script.

Another Stand-alone Youtube Downloader application

Alternative solution: You may download the stand-alone (and free!) "YouTube Downloader HD". The last version known today (version 2.9.6) weights only 4.5 Mbytes. Usable on any Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista/ Seven. You may save the downloaded video in .FLV, .AVI, or .MP4 formats. Resolution settings are offered; in most cases, it is wise to accept the largest resolution.

YouTube to MP3 converter: in case your 3D screen is broken, or if you are blind, downloading audio only from a 3D movie make sense. It is easy thanks to the YouTube to MP3 converter from the same author as the YouTube Downloader HD here above.

Disclaimer: Some YouTube videos have a download button or link, but the majority do not. The YouTube Terms of Service prohibit downloading video clips that lack an official download button or link. You should also be aware that the YouTube FAQ states that downloading a video without a download button or link violates the video owner’s copyright.

Playback 3D videos after download

To playback the video in stereoscopic 3D, use StereoscopicPlayer from To check your 3D download feature, go to our 3D movies trailers page and enjoy more than 190 stereoscopic 3D movie trailers stored on YouTube in true 3D stereoscopic format. We have also a new 3D Games trailers page.

An alternative variant for LINUX users  to StereoscopicPlayer is Bino, a free stereoscopic player with less features.