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3D Organ Printing is No Longer Science-fiction

3D organ printing is a concept that's been studied around the world since the mid 2000's. Binghamton University (NY, USA) researchers are now also contributing to the progress in this field.  The program at BU about two years ago, and the University is now leading the way in a critical aspect of 3D organ printing by creating cell vasculature -- or circulatory systems.

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Kyle Reeser, a PhD student in biomedical engineering, demonstrates a 3-D tissue printer created at Binghamton University.

Why 3D Organ Printing?

"Being able to take a patient's own cells and accumulate them, grow them, divide them and build them up into a replacement organ for that person," said Binghamton University Ph.D student Kyle Reeser. "It could increase the life expectancy of people on planet earth by decades."

Why Is It Better Than Transplant?

People who receive traditional organ transplants need to be on a cocktail of drugs for the rest of their life. That wouldn't be the case with a 3D printed organ, where you are giving yourself, effectively, a transplant. That's because it's made out of the recipient's own cellular matter...

More Info

For more info, visit Binghamton University.