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Rize3D Announces a new easier, faster 3D Printing Machine

Rize3d sets a new standard for speed and ease of use in industrial 3D printers that can exist as safely on your desk as they do in the lab, unlocking 3D printing for new markets and driving the next wave of innovation and advancement in product design and manufacturing.

Gains mainly in post-processing

You need to produce usable parts faster than ever to stay competitive. But post-processing adds hours and cost onto the 3D printing process. The Rize One zero-post-processing 3D printer eliminates the hassles that frustrate users, keeping focus on the creativity and function that’s essential to innovation and production. Gone are the messy and toxic post-processing materials, the special hookups and space required for post-processing devices and disposal and, most importantly, the hours of expensive labor required to deal with all of it. 

rizeone 640px

Augmented Polymer Deposition

According to eugene Maragell, “If you know the different technologies in this industry, every customer has to make a compromise. For strength FDM or SLS might be good choice, but for surface finish, more brittle acrylics print based machines, photopolymers. The compromise is that you don’t get strength or you get strength but not the desired finish. The solution is our Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) technology.”

The Rize One 3D printer has, “one inkjet head that has two separate channels” and a thermoplastic extruder. With APD, filament and ink can be utilized, layer-by-layer, during the same print-run. The extruder lays down support material and fabricates the part, the inkjet print head can jet both functional inks and release inks. Functional inks can be used to change the material properties while the later ink serves to make the removal of support material an easier task.

Near Isotropic, Color Coming Soon

The printer is designed for three heads, bringing the channel total to six, and development work is underway to produce, “full color.”

The process will work with, “a variety of thermoplastics.” But for the first material Rize has formulated an, “engineering medical grade plastic that has no shrinkage, no water absorption and is a compound that Eugene created.” The material is, “near isotropic,” which means it has almost identical properties in all axises.

More Info

Price: $19,000. For more info, visit