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Chameleon Let You 3D Print in Colors

The Chameleon 3D Printer coloring kit campaign is launched on Kickstarter.

Chameleon is a simple to use filament coloring system that works WHILE you are printing.  Chameleon colorizes on the fly, to change colors, simply change the ink cartridge to the color you want and its done. 

 Chameleon color 320px

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3D printing in Full Color

Researchers Alan Brunton, Can Ates Arikan, and Philipp Urban  (Fraunhofer Institute IGD) submitted a paper for arXiv about their advances in full color 3D printing. The technology is based on ink jet additive creation of a volumetric object, not layer by layer, but voxel by voxel (a voxel is a 3D pixel).

3D voxel printing works using a number of inkjets that lay down an object, droplet by droplet. These droplets are instantly cured by UV light to form a solid.

Colour 3D 320px

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Tiko, the Small 3D Printer You Will Buy This Year

Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179. Tiko was successful on Kickstarter with close to $3M pledged  of the $100,000 goal.

Tiko is small, easy to use, wireless, cheap, and non proprietary. Tiko uses standard 1.75mm filament on a standard 1kg 165mm (6.5 in.) diameter spool, so you can experiment with different materials. Tiko also detects when you’re out of filament and pauses the print so you can reload and resume.  Production and first shipping is expected in November 2015. Video demo and details here under.

tiko 320px

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The Ultimate Spaceship Simulator is 3D Printed

Micah Ganske took 75 days to 3D print the elements of his 6-foot tall Spaceship Simulator on his Gigabot 3D printer. Add two weeks of precise assembling, an Oculus Rift VR helmet, and a big "Gamer-spec" PC, and you are done... Watch the video tour here under.

vr1 320px

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3D Printed Jeremy Clarkson Game

Cel-Robox (Bristol, UK) has 3D printed heads of Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson to create this spoof on Hungry Hungry Hippos, called Hungry Hungry Clarksons. Over 1,000,000 fans of Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson signed a petition asking BBC to reinstall him after he was suspended following a "fracas" with a producer who couldn't serve his team a hot meal during a shooting session. So, the British guys at Cel-Robox found a way to feed the hungry, hungry Clarkson....

Watch the video demo here under.

3DClarkson 320px

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