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SANDDE, the world's first freehand 3D animation system

Janro Imaging Laboratory Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the Sandde 2.0 animation system, the world’s first software package for freehand stereoscopic 3D animation.  Sandde allows animators to create stereoscopic 3D content with all the graphic charm of hand-drawn animation. Simply pick up the Wand and draw!

Sandde was originally developed at IMAX Corporation and then further developed and commercialized by Janro Imaging Laboratory.


As an animator, have you ever wanted to reach into the screen with your hand and move your drawings?

With Sandde, you can.  Sandde is the stereoscopic equivalent of a piece of paper and a pencil. This immersive, stereo-3D animation tool allows you to create 3D content with the graphic charm of traditional hand-drawn animation.  Whether you need to create a finished animation, a 3D storyboard, or a stereoscopic painting, Sandde offers quick and intuitive methods for getting your ideas out into a virtual 3D world. Simply pick up the Wand and draw!

As you move the Wand, the Sandde system tracks its position and orientation. Sandde then interprets the Wand’s coordinate data to create and display 3D stereoscopic lines that correspond to your real-world movements. And all of this outputs in real-time to any 3D display, so that you can see your work in 3D as you draw it.

Sandde has been utilized as an in-house production tool at the Stephen Low Production Company and the National Film Board of Canada.

Source : Sandde.