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EVS Dual Power increases XT[2] 3D capabilities

At IBC2010 in Amsterdam, EVS introduced the new DualPower technology, extending the capabilities of its servers for 3D and 1080p operations. “DualPower” is a video codec board that doubles the recording channels of EVS’ video servers required for 3D or 1080p productions. With Dual Power, 3D SuperMotion replay comes to reality!


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Compound-Entropy Stereoscopic Encoder

Next3D, Inc. announced today a patent-pending technology for highly efficient encoding and decoding of stereoscopic 3D video content. The company's Compound-Entropy Stereoscopic Encoder (CESE) greatly reduces the redundant information in the left and right-eye views of stereoscopic video. This process results in high-quality stereoscopic video that requires far less bandwidth to transmit than two independent eye-views.


The system is on display at the CES 2010  in LasVegas.

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2D+Delta codec is part of H264

The 2D+Delta Format  by TDVision Systems, makes use of redundancies between the left and right stereoscopic views. This is accomplished by encoding a full resolution 2D view and only the Delta Difference information between the left and the right views. This difference is stored into the video stream in a format that updated decoders and 3D displays can play out in any 3D format at the highest quality possible while legacy 2D televisions play the stream in 2D.


Read the press release here on VirtualPressOffice.