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RabbitHoles holograms

Strange images on the wall, those holograms. You will need to spend some 1600 USD to buy one, not counting the special lighting fixtures you will have to install in your living room. But those 14x20 inches (35 x 56 cm ) pictures are really impressive. A special film is laser imprinted and contains as 1280 images, with effective 3D and animation available from as few as 900 frames.

Print-size depends mostly on the specific application and the size of the install environment...the bigger your print the bigger the space. RabbitHoles film is 1m high, so anything taller than that requires vertical tiling of multiple panels; tiling is accomplished with barely visible seams...the largest digital motion holograms in the world have been produced using this technique, with the biggest to date measuring 2m x 3m. The technology is fully proprietary and is available only at RabbitHoles in Gatineau, Canada (Québec).


7x10 inches samples (17 x 25 cm) are available for 250 USD here.