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Holho, the Hologram Generator for Smartphone and Tablet

Imagination Farm USA (Houston, TX, USA) is a launching a kickstarter campaign to fund the first production batch af their Holho-Phone.

The Holho-Phone is a structure that you can place over or under your phone or tablet  to project astonishing holographic images. The screen reflects the image on the four faces of the Pyramid generating a hologram in the center. The Holho-Collection offers an incredible variety of tools that can be adapted on Smart Phone and tablets of any brand.

OK, we know those Holho holograms are not true holograms, but they are as close to a Princess Leia on your livng room table as any image will ever be... Watch the video demos to be convinced.

holho 250px

Video presentations

Several othe presentation videos are available on the Kickstarter page, each dedicated to a specific type of device.

Pricing on Kickstarter

A Holho Full Pyramid for tablets starts at the $47 pledge level for a 7-inch version, while a smartphone version costs $33. Imagination Farm USA, the Holho creators, is also offering an app that can take videos and divide them up in a way that will work with the pyramid devices – a feature that costs $20. Otherwise, you have to buy videos seperately, which costs $10 for every two you buy.

holho-2 420px

The funding level reached 25% of the 58,000$ target in the first 10% of the campaign duration so we look forward to a successful project.

More Info

While the braintrust Imagination Farm is based in Houston, Texas, production and design of the Holho-Phone is coming from Milano, Italy (you may have noticed a slight Italian accent in the above video...)

Visit Imagination Farm USA or the Holho Kickstarter page for more info and/or to pledge for a stake in the project.

The Holho collection has its own web page.