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Is "Help Me Obi" the First 360° Holograhic Video Display?

 "Help Me Obi" is not holographic, but this artwork has broken into the third dimension big time, showing moving images that can be viewed from any direction, looking exactly the same no matter where you stand.

The artwork is the creation of Scotland-based artists Chris Helson and Sarah Jackets, who have been working on the project for about eight years. Video Presentation here under.

 HelpMeObi 250px

Video Presentation

More Info

"As far as we know this is the first made this way and at this scale. There is a machine that looks similar in the USA, although it uses different technology and the image size is very much smaller -- just a few centimetres -- the video objects on our machine are up to 300mm," Helson said. "We have recently had a patent audit which identified a number of devices that attempted volumetric display via various technical approaches, none of which are have achieved the same results as we have at the scale."

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Help me Obi is an investigation of remote relationships, intimacy and dislocation. It is visible at the Edimburgh Art Festival up to August 30,2014.

Source : Cnet.