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Graphene Nanopixels are the Key to Future 3D Holographic Displays

In a paper  published today in Nature Communications, Xiangping Li from Swinburne University of Technology (Australia) and several contributors show how their technology realises wide viewing-angle and full-colour floating 3D display in graphene​-based materials. Ultimately this will help to transform wearable displaying devices into floating 3D displays.

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One Helf-inch today, Full Screen in Five Years?

At this moment, the demonstrated graphene 3D display can only allow images up to 1 centimetre. But there is no limitation for the up-scalability​ of this technique.

Owing to the excellent mechanical strength of graphene​ based materials, our technique can help to transit graphene-enabled wearable displaying devices from 2D into floating 3D displays.

It is projected that graphene​ 3D display at tens of centimetre scale, perfect for the wearable displaying devices, will be available within five years.

This new generation floating 3D display technology also has potential applications for military devices, entertainment, remote education and medical diagnosis.

The demonstrated principle would have potential impacts on the development of versatile holographic components and underpin the soaring development of holographic anti-counterfeit tags, security labels, identification code and so on.

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The original paper was published on April 22, 2015 in Nature Communications.