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A True 3D Display by Aerial Burton

Aerial Burton is a Japanese cvompany that demonstrated at the CES in January the first ever true 3D display, displaying real 3D images constructed by dot arrays in the air infront of the audience. OK, this is not yet the virtual Princess Leia in Star Wars, but the closest we have been so far...


Aerial Burton Inc. is the first company to succeed in developing True 3D Display using laser plasma technology. By using its device, you can create 3D images in the air. Most 3D displays introduced until now draw pseudo-3D images on 2D planes by utilizing the human binocular disparity. Aerial Burton succeeded in developing a volumetric "True 3D Display" which can produce bright dots in the air so an audience can see 3D images in true 3D space. The display device uses the plasma emission phenomenon near the focal point of focused laser light. By controlling the position of the focal point in the x, y, and z axes, it displays real 3D images constructed by dot arrays in the air. Read the details on their web site here.