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Holho, the Hologram Generator for Smartphone and Tablet

Imagination Farm USA (Houston, TX, USA) is a launching a kickstarter campaign to fund the first production batch af their Holho-Phone.

The Holho-Phone is a structure that you can place over or under your phone or tablet  to project astonishing holographic images. The screen reflects the image on the four faces of the Pyramid generating a hologram in the center. The Holho-Collection offers an incredible variety of tools that can be adapted on Smart Phone and tablets of any brand.

OK, we know those Holho holograms are not true holograms, but they are as close to a Princess Leia on your livng room table as any image will ever be... Watch the video demos to be convinced.

holho 250px

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MIT "Princess Leia" Holographic Display

MIT Researchers striked again! As explained in a Nature paper, they managed to build a cheap holographic display using a PC and some high-end graphic cards. Usually holograms are costly and of poor quality, but the new technology offers full-color, low-cost and can be used with any light source and not only high end lasers.

MIT-hologram 250px 

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3D Holograms with Pico Video Projectors Array

Researchers at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies in Playa Vista, CA, USA designed an array of small and inexpensive picoprojectors to recreate images in volume; each projector sends an image sligthly different from the previous one to the screen, recreating the illusion of volume, far better than with the two views only you have with stereoscopic systems. Technically, this setup is not an hologram and should be called "Lightfield display".

Learn how it works and watch the video presentation here under.

 picoprojectors-array 250px

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Hologram Business Takes Off

 Holorad's "Glasses-Free Color Animated 3D Hologram" technology allows the observer to reach in and interact with 3D holographic images. The difference between This hologram iteration and the previous ones is that now, we are speaking 'products', 'business models' instead of 'prototypes' and 'demonstrators' ! Holorad is a Salt Lake City, UT, USA company with a patent-pending technology opening doors to entertainment, retail, and dynamic signage businesses.

Animated Color Holograms

Holorad's true 3D holograms are interactive sculptures of light, creating compelling and memorable 3D experiences. These are real holograms, not just 3D stereoscopic images: you don't need any special glasses and you don't have to stay in the sweet spot. You can look left/right and up/down around the image, and it remains stable, undistorted, and with the correct colors from varying distances and viewpoints, even if you turn your head sideways. Still versions look like three-dimensional posters, while animated versions play short clips or loops.

 holorad 250px

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Tupac is alive (as a 3D 'hologram')

We already announced some 3D holographic concerts, but this time the featured artist was dead more than 15 years ago...

On Sunday night’s closing act to week one of the 2012 Coachella music festival, a hologram of the late Tupac Shakur joined Snoop Dogg seamlessly on stage as he performed “Hail Mary,” and  ”2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted.”

Shakur, who passed away for more than 15 years ago, rapped among other popular hip hop artists such as Eminem, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, and Wiz Khalifa. The display looks oddly realistic in a terribly creepy way. In his first few minutes of resurrection, he was even able to greet the festival goers and named Coachella in his acknowledgment. 

The digital magic behind this astonishing concert was designed by AV Concepts (San Diego, CA,USA) with Musion (London, UK)'s patented technlogy.

Tupac-is-Back 250px

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