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Holographic images computation are now 100 x faster

Holography is hindered by slow computational algorithms and the need for high-powered computers. Now, a method that enables the fast computation of holograms with a fully realistic depth perception—even on a desktop computer—has been developed by researchers from the Data Storage Institute of A*STAR in Singapore.


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ABBA live in holographic 3D

ABBAWorld is an interactive 3D holographic performance of the Abba music group. With the high definition holographic video system Eyeliner from Musion Sytems, ABBA returns to the stage through a holographic illusion of the group for the visitor to interact with.


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A True 3D Display by Aerial Burton

Aerial Burton is a Japanese cvompany that demonstrated at the CES in January the first ever true 3D display, displaying real 3D images constructed by dot arrays in the air infront of the audience. OK, this is not yet the virtual Princess Leia in Star Wars, but the closest we have been so far...


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RabbitHoles holograms

Strange images on the wall, those holograms. You will need to spend some 1600 USD to buy one, not counting the special lighting fixtures you will have to install in your living room. But those 14x20 inches (35 x 56 cm ) pictures are really impressive. A special film is laser imprinted and contains as 1280 images, with effective 3D and animation available from as few as 900 frames.

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Paul Debevec and holography

Paul Debevec and several researchers at the University of Southern California's Institute for Creative Technologies have built a teleconferencing system that captures a person's face and head and instantaneously displays it as a 3-D image. Surprisingly, much of Debevec's system consists of consumer-grade parts: a standard video camera, an off-the-shelf graphics card and an Internet connection.

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