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VoxieBox is licensing its "Princess Leia" Hologram Technology

After years of patent-pending research and development, the most breathtaking advance in 3D display technology is ready to leave the labs at VOXON (Adelaide, Australia and San Francisco, CA,USA). Voxiebox displays 3D objets in a rectangular volume (approximately one square footà with a resolution around 1,000 x 1,000 x 200 voxels. Objects are visible from all directions without any special glasses. Watch the video demo here under.

Voxiebox 320px
Gaming on a Voxiebox demonstrated at Avcon2015

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HP Zvr - A Step Closer to True Holographic Viewing

The HP Zvr Virtual Reality Display -powered by zSpace technology- provides for an immersive, real-time exploration and manipulation of 3D content. 

Hewlett-Packard and the device’s original manufacturer, California-based zSpace, have worked with developers such as Dassault, Autodesk and Siemens to adapt their 3D content to the Zvr, while zSpace has released a software development kit for educators and others creating applications. The 3D glasses have five sensors, meaning the 3D perspective changes as you move around the monitor, just as a real-life perspective changes as you walk by.

hp3D 320

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Fairy Lights Holographic Display

Agroup of Japanese researchers recreated a miniature "Princess Leia materializing above R2-D2"-like hologram  with femtosecond lasers and clever holographic computation.

fairy lights 320

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Graphene Nanopixels are the Key to Future 3D Holographic Displays

In a paper  published today in Nature Communications, Xiangping Li from Swinburne University of Technology (Australia) and several contributors show how their technology realises wide viewing-angle and full-colour floating 3D display in graphene​-based materials. Ultimately this will help to transform wearable displaying devices into floating 3D displays.

 holo 320px

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400-Seats Holographic Theater Opens in Japan

A permanent theater devoted exclusively to 3D CG imagery will open this spring in Yokohama, Japan.

The 400 seats theater will be housed in a one-story building where the audience can enjoy stereoscopic images without having to wear 3D glasses because the CG imagery will be projected on stage. Details of the exact technology used are not available yet. The theater is expected to host shows exclusively using computer-generated imagery, and will be available for music concerts, theatrical plays, game events and other programs.

3DCG theatre 320px

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