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How to Sell 3D Glasses Not Intended to Watch 3D Movies and Win an Award

The Awards Distribution period is coming in September for the fouth time at the International 3D Society and the most surprizing award attrbution goes to XPAND for their Amblyz glasses.

The surprize comes from the fact those glasses are NOT intended to look at 3D movies, but instead to cure amblyopia, an illness prohibiting children (and adults too) to enjoy propertly their surrounding in 3D (including when watching Avatar).

amblyz 250px

XPAND will be recognized with other awards winners at a special luncheon held at Paramount Pictures Studios on September 18, 2013. Amblyz glasses represent a totally new approach in eye occlusion. The electronic device, shaped like glasses, is easy to use, comfortable, suited for children from 3 – 10 years of age. Using electronically controlled intermittent occlusion embedded within the device, Amblyz™ glasses provide eye occlusion without the discomfort and the stigma associated with an eye patch.

This award is an exciting opportunity bring some awareness to this new treatment option,” said Dr. Omry Ben Ezra, Chief of Medical Division of XPAND 3D. ”We hope to reach the many Amblyopic children who are currently not being treated sufficiently.

What is Amblyz

Amblyz glasses is a non-prescription aid in form of electronic eyeglasses. The diagnosing ophthalmologist usually recommends the product. The customer buys the product at selected optic shops, where the nose piece is adjusted and the device is programmed to shutter over the correct eye. The programming does not demand any special skills and there is no need for any extra hardware, except the glasses themselves. The patient wears the glasses all day for a determined length of time. With electronic components similar to active stereoscopic 3D glasses, the battery should be recharged every night with the cable that is part of the product package.

Source: XpanD, I3DS.