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3D Movies Double Concentration of Children, Says RealD

Children who watch 3D movies have been shown to have double the concentration powers and cognitive processing after the viewing, according to new research by visual technology firm RealD.

This is despite suggestions that attention spans in children have shortened in the last decade due to unlimited access to entertainment, including on-demand TV, gaming and social media. A 2015 study claimed that watching 3D content had a similar effect to brain-training exercises.

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 The RealD Study

Consumer psychologist Patrick Fagan from Goldsmiths University of London, who led the study, said that the increased stimulation found in watching something in 3D ‘exercised’ the brain and improved performance in the short term.

“3D films can play the role of ‘brain-training’ games and help to make children ‘smarter’ in the short term,” he said.

In a sure-to-be controversial finding, they said that results showed that watching 20 minutes of 3D can improve learning ability in the short-term, just as children who listen to classical music may experience short-term improvement in concentration. The scientific element of the study analysed the brains of over 60 students aged seven to 14 while they watched a 3D movie at Vue Piccadilly. Results found that children experienced twice the cognitive processing speed (2.67) after watching just 20 minutes of a 3D movie. Fagan drew the conclusion that watching a 3D film before undertaking tasks that require speed of reaction – such as sporting activity or a timed exam – will likely result in enhanced performance. 

Smarter Children, too!

The same Patrick Fagan previously released research results showing that improvement in cognitive processing is almost three times greater as a result of watching 3D rather than a 2D film. On top of getting the brain juices flowing, 3D also gets the heart-racing, producing 80 per cent of the excitement of a rollercoaster ride. Read the full paper here in EngineersJournal.

Source: Eandt, RapidTVNews, RealD.