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The SpecSoft 3D workflow

SpectSoft LLC. today announced a new version of the popular 3d Live solution. 3d Live Pro adds in frame accurate SDI out, monitoring and adjustments, machine control and meta-data capture,...

..., the ability to adjust parallax, apply vertical adjustments, monitor RGB streams from each eye, and bring in any stream/s and spit out any stream/s in a variety of 3D and standard formats.

3d Live is being used for:

* Setting up cameras
* Monitoring image quality of live streams
* Monitoring stereo assurance of live streams
* QC of already created/captured material
* Creating in real-time stereo images from dual streams (discreet eyes)
* Creating in real-time discreet eyes from existing stereo image formats
* Creating in real-time stereo images from other stereo image formats
* Adjusting stereo images
* Real-time frame accurate image adjustment (per frame)

Read the press release here.