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Chromasens' 3DPIXA Stereoscopic Camera for Machine Vision

3DPIXA cameras are stereo line scan cameras with tri-linear CCD sensors with a 10 µm pixel size and a line rate of up to 60 kHz. They are now integrated  into HALCON machine vision software, making it possible for programmers to design and perform 3D image processing applications quickly and efficiently.

 3DPixa 320px


The Chromasens 3DPIXA camera is based on the stereo principle, whereas two images are captured from the same object. Height data is calculated from these two images in real time with advanced pattern matching algorithms running on GPUs. This innovative merging of line scan technology and ultra-fast 3D stereo algorithms opens up the potential for new machine vision applications that demand precise and fast 2D and 3D measurements. The 3DPIXA stereo camera simultaneously provides color images alongside either the height map or 3D point cloud.

Included with the camera is easy-to-integrate CS-3D-API software that makes 2D images and 3D data available. Integration of CS-3D-API in machine vision libraries is an ongoing process for Chromasens and support for the most commonly used libraries will be available soon. To date, the CS-3D-API is available in National Instruments LabView software and Coake 7 from SAC.

Visit Chromasens for details.

Halcon 3D Vision

D vision means the utilization of 3D information with the aid of machine vision, allowing to approach applications which so far could not be solved with classical 2D technologies. It includes two main objectives, which both contain many different technologies:

  • 3D reconstruction – determining the 3D shape of arbitrary objects.
  • 3D alignment – finding the 3D pose (position & orientation) of an object.

halcon 400px

Visit Halcon for more details.

Source : Vision-systems.