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ZED Cameras Record 3D and Depth at Every Pixel

Stereolabs (San Francisco, CA, USA) offers his new ZED Stereo Camera and software kit tha t gives drones, robots and other machines skills like indoor/outdoor collision avoidance, autonomous navigation and 3D mapping capabilities. This advanced stereoscopic vision equipment is now available to the mass market for $449.00.

Zed Stereocamera 320px


The ZED Stereo Camera is a lightweight depth sensor based on passive stereovision. It outputs a high resolution side-by-side stereoscopic video on USB 3.0 that contains two synchronized left and right video streams. Using the ZED SDK, the graphics processing unit (GPU) from a host machine computes the depth map from the side-by-side video in real-time.

  • Output resolution : 4416x1242 pixels at 15 fps, 3840x1080 at 30 fps, 2560x720 at 60 fps, or 1280x480 at 120 fps.
  • Depth resolution : same as video resolution
  • Depth range : 1.5 to 20 meters (3.5 to 68 ft)
  • Camera Baseline : 120 mm

The World of Depth

The RGB and Depth footage featured in this video has been shot with the ZED Stereo Camera.  ZED is the only sensor that can see obstacles outdoors and up to 60 feet.

More Info

For more details, visit StereoLabs.

Source : TheNextWeb.