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Starship Robots Use 3D Vision To Deliver Falafel and Lamb Cutlets in London

An autonomous robot developed by Starship Technologies (London, UK) has successfully delivered takeout, the first time such a task has been completed by a robot. In November 2016, a Starship Delivery Robot made its first delivery in Redwood City, CA,USA. The local bakery, Cafe La Tartine used a Starship Robot to deliver 15 chocolate cookies to a house in the local neighbourhood. This week,UK food delivery service Just Eat sent the robot to Turkish restaurant Taksim Meze in London to pick up an order of falafel and lamb cutlets. The food then made its way back to the customer in the robot's locked compartment.

starship 640x

Video of the First Delivery

High Tech

The robot features a vision system comprised of multiple parts. The robot features a minimum of nine visible cameras, including three stereo pairs for a total of six visible spectrum cameras, along with three 3D Time of Flight cameras. It uses an Nvidia Tegra K1 mobile processor to perform machine vision and autonomous driving functions, as well as ultrasonic sensors with 360° view, and GPS and IMU / accelerometer.

Weighing nearly 40 lbs., the robot can carry about 22 lbs. in its its 16 x 13.5 x 13 in cargo bay. Its battery lasts for two hours and it measures 27 x 22 x 22 in. Additionally, the robot is able to go up curbs and has a braking distance of nearly 1 ft. In case you wonder, top speed is 4 Miles per hour.

The Last Mile

Commercial deployments are planned for 2017. The company's business model plan is to do last mile deliveries on behalf of partners or to help run a delivery service by providing robots as a 'platform-as-a-service.'

More Info

Starship believe their robots will revolutionise local delivery. They see a world where you can send and receive anything you want, anytime and anywhere. Their engineering expertise, combined with the experience of co-founding Skype, is enabling Starship to turn this into reality.

Starship is a British-Estonian startup launched in 2014 by Skype founder Ahti Heinla and Janus Friss. They have an office in Redwood Cily, CA,USA too. 

Just Eat delivers food from over 27,000 restaurants to (almost) any door in most UK cities. Cafe La Tartine is here.

Visit for more information.

Source: Vision Systems.