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Shooting in 3D with 2 webcams is easy !

Converting a pair of standard webcams (or any pair of PC-connected cameras, in fact) is as easy as installing a special driver in your Windows 32bits O.S.


The magic driver is available here at HYTEK Automation for 29 USD (Windows 32 bits only).

Free software download is provided, it is fully functional, but without 3D driver software registration, there will be a watermark on the output video. Check a YouTube video produced with this driver here.

Key Features:
Creates a virtual dual camera or 3D camera that gathers video from two physical cameras.
Compatible with MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, QQ, ICUII and other video chatting software, video conferencing/chat in 3D.
•12 different video mixing output modes: left, right, side by side, side by side with ratio, up and down, up and down with ratio, 3D color anaglyph, 3D gray anaglyph, 3D true anaglyph, 2D in 3D, 3D in 2D. Can be configured in filter property page.

• The last settings will be remembered for next time loading.
• Easy plug into Directshow compatible applications such as AMCAP, Windows Media Encoder etc software to record 3D anaglyph video, movies.

• For software developer: upgrade single camera software to dual cameras without or with little code changes because the driver is a virtual single camera; it takes care of getting video from two real cameras and mix them.
Works with adobe flash player, publish your online webcam in 3D.
Works with any webcams (USB or firewire) that support RGB24 and 320x240 or 640x480.
• The last settings will be remembered for next time loading.