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StereoscopyNews Stops its Weekly Newsletter

After 427 newsletters, StereoscopyNews is putting an end to its weekly publication! Issue#1 was published on August 23, 2009 to advertise the first edition of the 3DStereoMedia conference and is still visible here on this web site. 

We said : "We expect to publish a one-page newsletter and distribute it by email to our subscribers every week." And we did 427 times! But 2018 is clearly not 2009: interest has shifted from stereoscopy to VR and AR technologies and the amount exiting information about 3D don't justify a weekly summary anymore.

The StereoscopyNews web site will continue to bring 3D stereoscopic information to its front page, so keep checking our front page on a regular basis!

Zero sugar 373x

A List of Popular 3D Glasses Animated Gifs

If you like Animated GIF pictures for your Powerpoint presentations - or just for fun and you facebook page, there is a place you should know:!


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Fake 3D Zebra Crossing Slows Down Cars

In Iceland, street artists created this innovative "fake 3D" crossing in order to slow down incoming drivers. Simple idea, impressive results!

3Dcrossing 640x

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The World's First Intelligent Suitcase and his Stereoscopic Camera

The suitcase is named Olive. Since it has a two-wheel balancing system, it can also carry its owner to the destination. It has a Segway-like, self-balancing auto-locomotion system that maintains stability, while riding on two wheels using 3D accelerometers and gyroscopes. With the help of an inside stereoscopic 3D camera, it can build up a visual map of its surroundings and follow its owner. The engineers say Olive can distinguish individuals even in crowded environments. It can provide reminders, tell its owner to hurry if time is short, and has a scale that will warn about extra weight.

Watch the video demo here under!

 ikap 640px

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Panasonic's 2 Gigapixels 3D Stereoscopic Photobooth

 Panasonic (Japan) created this "3D photo boot on steroids" able to capture a full body 360-view in just 1/1000 of a second, allowing 3D printing of a mini-sculpture to show action poses of people in motion.

2 gigapixels of data from the 120 LUMIX GH4 ($1,500 each retail price) cameras are then loaded into special software that recreates a 3D model ready for a color 3D printer. You can take home a small color plaster figurine for 450$ (after a few hours of 3D printing).

Panasonic 3DPHotoLab

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