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Was Mona Lisa Painted in Stereoscopic 3D?

Mona Lisa is known as "La Gioconda". Probably the best known painting in the world, Mona Lisa's portrait is in th Louvres museum in Paris. But it is less known that a second Mona Lisa painting is on display at the Prado museum. The strange thing is that the two versions may form a stereoscopic pair giving depth to Mona Lisa!

Gioconda-3D 250px

Experimental psychologists from University of Bamberg and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany) analysed dirvergences between both paintings. Their conclusion: They were painted in parallel with a slightly different perspective of a scene formed my Mona Lisa in front of a a flat canvas as background. Calculation shows that the horizontal disparity between both viewpoints is around 69mm, more or less the human interocular distance.

The Prado version and the Louvres version, generated in Leonardo's studio about 330 years before Wheatstone invented the stereoscope, can be combined to an image of Mona Lisa that has obvious stereoscopic qualities".

Don your red-cyan glasses and check by yourself.



Read the scientific paper "On the Nature of background behind Mona Lisa" by Claus-Christian Carbon and Vera Hesslinger in