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The World's First Intelligent Suitcase and his Stereoscopic Camera

The suitcase is named Olive. Since it has a two-wheel balancing system, it can also carry its owner to the destination. It has a Segway-like, self-balancing auto-locomotion system that maintains stability, while riding on two wheels using 3D accelerometers and gyroscopes. With the help of an inside stereoscopic 3D camera, it can build up a visual map of its surroundings and follow its owner. The engineers say Olive can distinguish individuals even in crowded environments. It can provide reminders, tell its owner to hurry if time is short, and has a scale that will warn about extra weight.

Watch the video demo here under!

 ikap 640px

Video Demo

What is an intelligent suitcase ?

Intelligent suitcase can communicate with your smart phone and share its weight and position. Self-locking system with NFC technology help your baggage security everywhere. It can see you through its 3D vision sensor and follow you when you are walking. Nimble move using two-wheel self-balancing active locomotion system help you to be faster and also It can be a scooter-case and able to carry you. It is your personal robotic companion during the travel and Olive is the world's first intelligent suitcase.

3D Vision

olive 3DCam 640px

Who is IKAP?

IKAP Laboratory (Tehran, Iran) is completely independent funded by private sector. This center began its activities in 2008 in Arak city in Markazi province. Then it was located in Pardis Technology Park in Tehran. Major activities of this center first included research and designing different moving-arm robots and versatile multi-purpose robots. Then, the activities focused more on advanced and practical modular robots usable in dangerous and inaccessible conditions. Some of the best engineers and scientists from different fields of study and expertise, including robotics, mechanics, electronics and software, work in ikap lab. These people are indeed members of the National Elite Foundation who work as an integrated and coherent team. Using creativity and knowledge in designing and building practical robots is a major principal in this company.

Ikap Robotics took out first place in the Service Robotics section of the 2016 Automatica Start-up World Competition held in Munich last month and the company says it is currently seeking investment and collaboration to further develop and manufacture Olive.

More Info

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Source: Gizmag, IkapRobotics, OliveRobotics.