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Something is Weird with This Way to Take a 3D Selfie

Rob Jenkins and Christie Kerr, of the universities of York and Glasgow respectively, have published a paper demonstrating that readily identifiable images of faces can be extracted from reflections in the corneas of well-lit subjects in photos taken by sufficiently high-resolution cameras.

More, they say that using reflections from both eyes of the subject will leave a stereoscopic 3D picture of the murderer in the eyes of the victim! But there is a catch: you will need to grab the murder on a 39 megapixels surveillance camera in a well lit environment...

 eye-reflection-3D 250px

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3DWiggle, the Easy Way to Display 3D Pics on 2D Screens

"Wiggle 3D" images are stereoscopic 3D images alternating left and right views and counting of your brain to fuse the two viewpoints in a 3D picture - and it works up to a point at least...

The 3DWiggle application was released in November 2013 by Perspectives Software (Zurich, Switzerland) and it dramatically simplifies and speeds up the process of creating "Wiggle 3D" Images. 

 3DWiggle 250x

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Stereoscopic Vision Helps Robot Repair Cracked Roads

Sealing cracks in roadways ensures a road's structural integrity and extends the time between major repaving projects. The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) developed a prototype automated pavement crack detection and sealing system to replace the conventional manual operations. The system combines a stereoscopic camera with a proprietary lighting rig illuminating the road in two perpendicaular directions. 

GTRI sealed crack2-ImageDetail 250x
Picture Credits: Jonathan Holmes

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The Ideal Christmas Gift: 3D Whisky

If you have a  stereographer friend who likes Whisky, a bottle of "3D Whisky" is the Christmas gift of choice.

 The "Caskstrength and Carry On - 3D Whisky" is a blend of whiskies from three distilleries beginning with the letter “D” — Dalwhinnie, Dufftown and Dailuaine — and comes with a pair of red/cyan anaglyph 3D glasses, which are handy when looking at the stereoscopic 3D label. 

Watch the 3D Whisky Movie here under to investigate further!

caskstrength-3d-whisky 250px

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The Wobbit Published Just in Time...

"The Wobbit" is the sequel to the parody of the sequel to the prequel to The Lord of the Rings. This book is NOT in stereoscopic 3D but it appears on the virtual shelves in Kindle format just in time before the theatrical release of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” due to open in theaters next Friday.

The Wobbit is published by the Harvard Lampoon and is available on Amazon.

Wobbit 250x

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