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The Endoscopic 3D Camera Going Where the Sun Never Shines...

California Colorectal Surgeons (Los Angeles, CA, USA) is on the forefront of integrating the state-of-the-art robotic surgery system, called the da Vinci robot, into their surgical practice. In this minimally invasive procedure, the robot allows surgery to be performed utilizing miniaturized surgical instruments, which fit through 8mm incisions. The Robot includes a tiny stereoscopic camera (You can see the two small lenses in the picture below) that provides the surgeon with excellent 3D high definition vision.

Davinci-endoscopic-camera 250px

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In Lebanon, They Tag Walls in 3D

Life in Beirut, Lebanon is not always easy but the graffiti scene in Beirut is thriving, and you rarely find an empty wall in Beirut’s busiest streets that hasn’t been bombed.

Phat2 is the best known graffiti artist there. He has its own shop (where you will find paint cans, etc.) and started recently to tag walls in red and cyan to offer some eye candy to the few anaglyph glasses owners in central Beirut!

133-stereoscopic-bombing-03-oct-2013 250x
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Not a 3D News: the "Big Board" 4K Screen

The new Panasonic “Big Board” under construction at Churchill Downs, the legendary home of the Kentucky Derby, will be the only video board in an outdoor stadium or arena capable of displaying 4K.

Did we say it is big?

As the largest 4K video board in the world, the 51 x 27 meters (171 x 90 feet) huge video board will sit 24 meters (80 feet) above the ground and will top out at 50 meters in height so that fans throughout the racetrack will be able to view crystal clear racing content. Watch the video here under !

big-board-edit 250px

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Something is Weird with This Way to Take a 3D Selfie

Rob Jenkins and Christie Kerr, of the universities of York and Glasgow respectively, have published a paper demonstrating that readily identifiable images of faces can be extracted from reflections in the corneas of well-lit subjects in photos taken by sufficiently high-resolution cameras.

More, they say that using reflections from both eyes of the subject will leave a stereoscopic 3D picture of the murderer in the eyes of the victim! But there is a catch: you will need to grab the murder on a 39 megapixels surveillance camera in a well lit environment...

 eye-reflection-3D 250px

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3DWiggle, the Easy Way to Display 3D Pics on 2D Screens

"Wiggle 3D" images are stereoscopic 3D images alternating left and right views and counting of your brain to fuse the two viewpoints in a 3D picture - and it works up to a point at least...

The 3DWiggle application was released in November 2013 by Perspectives Software (Zurich, Switzerland) and it dramatically simplifies and speeds up the process of creating "Wiggle 3D" Images. 

 3DWiggle 250x

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