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3D Interface You See, Feel, and Touch Demonstrated by Ultrahaptics

Scientists at Bristol University (UK) have discovered a way to make 3D volumes that you can see,  touch and feel in mid-air. The system, called UltraHaptics, has been developed by the university's Department of Computer Science, and involves a device that can pick up ultrasound waves present in the air, condensing them to create a pressure difference that gives the illusion of a touchable 3D object floating in thin air.

It is already posible to register for an evaluation kit and to be one of the first to get a kit when they start shipping.

ultrahaptics 320px

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Obama 3D in the National Portrait Gallery

The University of Southern California's Institute for Creative Technologies ( ICT) was part of a Smithsonian-led team that created 3D portraits of President Barack Obama. The portraits include a digital and 3-D printed bust and life mask. Both were on display at the first ever White House Maker Faire on June 18.

 The data and the printed models are intended to become part of the collection of the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery.

Obama-3D 250px

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Was Mona Lisa Painted in Stereoscopic 3D?

Mona Lisa is known as "La Gioconda". Probably the best known painting in the world, Mona Lisa's portrait is in th Louvres museum in Paris. But it is less known that a second Mona Lisa painting is on display at the Prado museum. The strange thing is that the two versions may form a stereoscopic pair giving depth to Mona Lisa!

Gioconda-3D 250px

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Cleveland Cavaliers' 3D floor projection system

3D News are usually coming from NAB in April. Hower, that one is coming from the NBA instead of the NAB...

The Cleveland Cavaliers brought us recently one of the coolest visual experiences ever seen in the NBA: They unveiled a new 3D projection system for the court at Quicken Loans Arena. The event was held on Saturday, March 8th, 2014 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH in honor the career of Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

Behind the magic: 16 HD projectors and some clever software...

The result is pretty incredible! Watch the video here under.

3D-Floor 250px

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Buy 2D-Glasses: No More Headaches Watching 3D Movies!

About 10% of movie goers experience some form of discomfort while watching stereoscopic 3D movies and 3D television. Symptoms range from a mild headache to severe nausea. 2D-Glasses are the solution. Those passive glasses with circular polarization allow any RealD 3D movie to be viewed as if it is a normal two-dimensional movie.

2D Glasses are sold by 2D-Glasses, LLC (Missoula, MT, USA). The most intriguing fact about 3D glasses is that it is NOT an April's fool day joke, but a real product available right now!

2D-Glasses 250px

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