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With its new online "Steregranimator", the New York Public Library lets you make 3D anaglyphs or "wiggle"animated GIFs from 100-year old stereoscopic photos from its 40,000 large collection.

Earlier this week, NYPL Labs debuted its Stereogranimator tool that lets you resurrect the old stereoscopic 3D effect in animated "Wiggle" GIFs or red and cyan 3D anaglyphs.

tightrope-side-by-side 250px


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UK Road Police Acquires 37 3D scanning cameras

Police forces across UK will receive 37 3D laser depth-scanning cameras this year in order to more quickly survey and clear up after road accidents. 3D laser scanners could reduce an incident clear up time by 39 minutes, on average and greatly reduce congestion aftermath too.

The camera is put on a tripod and the laser depth-scanning cameras pans over the area. In about 20 minutes, millions of separate data points are recorded at a sub-millimetre resolution by the device and an accurate 360-degree model of the entire scene is then reconstruced in volumetric 3D and transmitted to a nearby laptop computer.

lasercamera2 250px

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A lion took my 3D camera into the bush

Safari Adventure is a ten episodes series of 3D observational documentary series filmed in Woburn Safari park (UK) and co-produced by Renegade Pictures and CAN Communicate. Safari Adventure, directed by Natalie Wilkinson and Livia Simok, is one of Discovery Europe’s first 3D commissions. In the final stages of post production now, it is intended for 3net in the US in December 2011 as well as transmission on February 4 as a simulcast on Sky 3D and in 2D. Rhinos, lions and giraffes are among the wildlife featured along with their keepers and safari managers. 

 Duncan Humphreys, CAN Communicate Creative Director, reported to Adrian Pennington from TVBEurope that a lion had a good chew of one of the team's GoPro 3D Hero cameras, giving a great indication of what it’s like to be eaten by a lion !

Lion-chops-3D-Camera 250px

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Hollywoo3D Hand Made 3D Paintings

Dutch painter Stefan Da Costa Gomez aka Phyntasize is giving tribute to  James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and Humphrey Bogart with its 3D handcrafted work called "Classic Hollywoo3D Paintings". The idea was to combine the classic analog craft of painting with the contemporary technology and today's hype of digital 3D film to create a new way of viewing and experiencing a painting.


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3D Paintings

Painting is an art. Painting two images and make them enjoyable as a 3D stereoscopic pair is another story.... Salvador Dali did it with "Le Christ de Gala", but Theo Prins, who lives in Washington state, USA, does it for a living.


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