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Summit Evolution : A stereoscopic Photogrammetric workstation

The Summit Evolution digital photogrammetric workstation by Datem (Anchorage, Alaska, USA) performs 3D feature collection directly into AutoCAD, MicroStation, or ArcGIS.  Summit Evolution allows for easy management of multiple model images along with their appropriate camera and control files. Quick and efficient stereoscopic orientation of the models is performed using either interior, relative, and absolute orientation or by employing exterior orientation data.


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Floorpali and BHG brings 3D to the iPad

Big Head Games (Kingston-upon-Thames, UK)  just sent over some REALLY cool news . Developed in tandem with Korean tech firm Floorpali, Big Head Games has come up with a breakthrough technology that will allow iPad and iPhone owners to experience ‘glasses free’ 3D gaming right on there existing iDevices. Big Head Games’ system consists merely of a thin, durable clear film that goes over the screen of your device and a supporting SDK.


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"The I" synoptic viewer

In 1907 a Polish optical scientist named Moritz von Rohr unveiled a strange device named the Synopter, which he claimed could make two-dimensional images appear 3D.

"The I" ensures that both eyes see an image or computer screen from exactly the same perspective. With none of the depth cues associated with binocular disparity, the brain assumes it must be viewing a distant 3D object instead of looking at a 2D image. As a result, the image is perceived as if it were a window the viewer is looking through, and details in the image are interpreted as objects scattered across a landscape.


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Stereoscopic maps of your terrains and buldings

Vertical Mapping Resources, inc. (California and Arizona, USA) is scanning in 3D with its Lidars and other tools terrains, buildings, archeological sites and more, and deliver 2D and 3D stereoscopic maps with highly realistic accuracy.


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A 3D R/C flight simulator

The latest update for the popular Reflex XTR2 R/C Flight Simulator software version 5.05.5 adds support for flying training in stereoscopic 3D mode, making the simulation more realistic. A video demo is available in 3D on Youtube (see link below).


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