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Magic Leap One Googles Will Ship in 2018

The Florida-based mixed-reality startup Magic Leap is finally rolling out its first augmented reality glasses! With a development cost of close to $2,000,000,000, the completely innovative googles are true "light field displays" that project reality-like synthetic pixels directly on your retina. First targets are developers, so Magic Leap will release in a few month their 'Creator Portal' and a SDK.

Magic leap 640x

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Discover The Acer Mixed Reality 3D Headset

The Acer AH101-D8EY Windows Mixed Reality 3D Headset and 2 Wireless Controller is available on line now for less than $500. It offers a dual screen 3D stereoscopic resolution of 1,440x1,440 pixels per eye and the images refresh 90 times per second. The two controllers include gyroscopes, magnetometers, and accelerometers for gesture recognition and there is B/W tracking camera. Windows 10 highly recommended!

acer WMRH 640x

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VR History Milestones revealed

Do you know Sensorama (1957)? Or the super-cockpit (1970) pictured here under? Sensorama is a the grand-grand-father of the Oculus Rift. The big wooden cabinet invented ni the fifties weighted some 200 pounds included fans to send wind in your hair, smell, and stereo sound! The second is a flight simulator project developed for the US army. Discover the first VR helmed (1968) from Ivan Sutherland in video here under.

super cockpit 640x

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The Ultimate Guide To 4K Stereoscopic VR Live Streaming

Virtual reality has become the most important trend in 2017. For example, the Live Planet camera and its 16 lenses are streaming live 3D VR in 4K on a wireless link! Details and many more information about VR streaming are easy to find in the online "Ultimate Guide To 4K Stereoscopic VR Live Streaming", an 11-chapters complete encyclopedia about VR Live Streaming.

4k Live Streaming 640x

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The Oculus Rift VR Helmet is Now Yours for $399

Oculus is permanently dropping its Rift headset price to $399! The change was announced at this year’s Oculus Connect 4 conference, and it effectively brings back the sale price we got this summer, a $100 cut from the current $499 price.

oculusrift 640x

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