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Hubblo VR 4K 360° Camera Is Under $1,000

The new Hubblo VR 4K-3D-360°-live-streaming camera will hit the market in spring 2017 for $999.

“We are making products for two to three years in the future," Hubblo VR founder and CEO Eric Tsang said, "not copying something that already exists.”

Hubblo 640px

A Triangular Camera

Hubblo features a triangular structure, which allows for full 360° coverage with fewer lenses than competing cameras. Humaneyes chose a square design with four sets of two camera lenses to capture its surroundings. However, Hubblo gets the same video coverage with three sets of two cameras thanks in part to its wide 200° FOV fisheye lenses. Each lens is accompanied by a dedicated 4K camera sensor to provide a high-quality image output.

Hubblo2 640px

Watch the Hubblo in Action at CES 2017

No stitching Required

Hubblo VR’s camera features patent-pending hardware algorithms that allow for real-time video correction and stitching implemented in a single FPGA chip that correct distorted images, and combine the corrected feeds in real time at 30 fps. Hubblo said its hardware algorithms are “customized for high-performance data processing, including image capture, image pre- and post-processing, stitching, blending, and 3D stereoscopic cascade.” You can store the video locally, or you can live stream the recording over Internet. The Hubblo syncs to your Android or iOS phone over Wi-Fi, and a companion app broadcasts the feed over your internet connection.

Release Date

The camera should be “readily available in Q1 2017.” The company said it will launch pre-orders through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and plans to give early backers “special discounts.” Early backers will also gain access to “exclusive live VR events sponsored by Hubblo.”

Source: Tomshardware.