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Dubai in 360° VR

More and more touristic destinations are using 360° VR videos to promote their surroundings. Helas, most of them are in poor resolution. But Dubai beeing Dubai, you will find their video ads in 4K (2160s format on YouTube). Watch this kind of content on your PC and pan left or right with your mouse, or use your smartphone and move around  by moving the screen or touching it with a finger. But for the best experience, put on your Oculuus Rift or Samsung Gear VR helmet and look around!

Dubai 360 640px

Visit Dubai in 360° VR

Watch as one of the world’s greatest cities unfolds before your eyes in this evocative experience. Just scroll to stroll through a whole day’s worth of Dubai’s best-loved spots and be intrigued by constantly shifting views of the innovative city. Don’t forget to look up, down and all around!

Other 360° VR couch-surfing visits

Other desitnations are promoted with decent resolution. Browse Youtube for "360 Visit" and you will find other gems such as the visit of Heksinki here under (in 2K 360°).

And if you wonder how it was made, the making-of is visible here in 1080p60 format - Finnish language knowledge required.