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Cinera Cinema VR Headset Big Success on Kickstarter!

Cinera, the revolutionary headset we announced three weeks ago just finished raising money on Kickstarter. The company initially pledged a $50,000 goal, but it’s surpassed that, earning $258,569 from more than 532 backers. It was only going to be funded if it reached its goal by Monday, September 18, so the good news is that it’s definitely going to happen! The stereoscopic 3D headset is offering 2560x1440 pixels for each eye (a 3D 2.5 K display) so you have 3 times the pixel count of a 2K movie theater.


Get Into the Action with the Best 3D 

Before, the only way to get a high-quality 3D movie experience was at the theater. Now you can watch 3D even better from your couch. To give the illusion of 3D, most movie theaters project two distinct images onto the same screen through polarizing filters. Your big, plastic glasses filter out the images so one eye sees only one version. In this process, you lose more than 75% of the light—and the images never quite match up. This is why you often lose the crispness of the images, and why some people even feel nauseous.


CINERA's dual-screen architecture eliminates this problem entirely. Its native stereoscopic display system means each of your eyes has its own individual display panel and light path, there is no filter and no loss of quality. So you can to enjoy brighter, more vivid 3D images than ever before. 

More Info

for details, visit Kickstarter or Cinera.