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NOKIA OZO 360° VR Camera Announced

Nokia recently unveiled Ozo, a 360-degree camera designed for filming virtual reality content. The camera is roughly the size of a cantaloupe, weighs about six pounds, and sports eight image sensors and microphones that capture content in different directions. It then outputs VR video in standard formats, which can be viewed on headsets such as Oculus Rift.

 nokia ozo 320px

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Over 1 Million Google Cardboards sold

 The little device known as "Google Cardboard" is the cheap answer to Oculus VR glasses. Designed by a couple of French engineers and presented at Google I/O2014, it costs between 10 and 25euros and allows for  a first attempt at Virtual Reality (VR)? Just add a smartphone and an app, and immerse yourself in VR!

google cardboard 1M 320px

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Oculus Rift Consumer Version Officially Announced

The final retail version of the Oculus Rift 3D stereoscopic immersive headset will be released during the first quarter of 2016!

The Oculus Rift will be compatible with the XBOX console and with the coming Windows 10 operating system.

oculus rift 320px

Aside from the headset, a wireless game controller calle "Oculus Touch" has been presented by Palmer Luckey from Oculus at the recent E3 conference.

Oculus Touch 320px

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Altspace VR Opens its Doors to Everyone

This May 18, 2015, Altspace VR (Redwood City, CA,USA) officially launched after months of invite-only, short-duration beta access. Users need to have a VR system, like an Oculus Rift, although Altspace does offer a pared-down, 2D experience for those who don’t.

Altspace is also this week unveiling its software development kit, a tool that will allow third-party developers to make apps that can plug into the company’s VR environments. Examples include a chess game, a music visualizer, a puppet show, or just about anything else a developer can imagine and manifest inside an Altspace environment.

Video presentation here under.

altspace vr 320px

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Capture the World in 3D 360* with Google Jump

Google launched this week a new service converting multi view pano shots into immersive 360° videos commpatible with YouTube 360°. Video presentation here under.

gopro 360 camera array 320px

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