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NextVR to Live Broadcast in Virtual Reality from NAB

NextVR today announced they will broadcast from RED Digital Cinema's booth live and in virtual reality (VR) to five countries simultaneously (including USA, UK, Germany, China, and India). This will take place daily at RED's booth #SL1517 at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference, held in Las Vegas from April 13th–16th, 2015. The vent will be used to present the latest RED product, the long awaited RED WEAPON.

 nextVR Guys 320px

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The Potential of the Omni and Immersive Virtual Reality

With the coming age of consumer-grade virtual reality technology, such as the Oculus Rift, companies like Virtuix are already creating third-party peripherals that promise to enhance the sense of immersion players experience. Although Oculus Rift only exists as a prototype development kit, it is already a success — Games Industry reports that the device has already sold more than 100,000 units.

With the promise of stereoscopic VR entertainment becoming a reality, Virtuix has stepped forward with their own device, the Omni. Here's a look at what the Omni is, how it works, and what it means for the future of gaming.

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Lanavel Will Be the Youtube of Virtual Reality

Lanavel (Nürnberg, Germany) is like a Youtube for VR/WebGL content. Their goal is to provide the user with a consistent experience over the whole platform. Lanavel strive to have superb quality VR content, but any entertaining WebGL content is nice, too.

Lanavel will open to the public this summer.

Lanavel 320px

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Discover the Immersive Technology Alliance

The Immersive Technology Alliance was originally known as The Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Alliance (S3DGA) and is based on the same organization, its existing membership, and the organization’s fundamentals. S3DGA changed name last year and its new website is now accessible at

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AMD Launches LiquidVR SDK with 3D stereo Capabilities

AMD want to help owners of their graphics cards become a part of that market by offering game developers a new SDK called LiquidVR. 

LiquidVR is a set of innovative technologies focused on enabling exceptional VR content development for AMD hardware, improved comfort in VR applications by facilitating performance, and plug-and-play compatibility with VR headsets. The upcoming LiquidVR SDK makes a number of technologies available which help address obstacles in content, comfort and compatibility that together take the industry a major step closer to true, life-like presence across all VR games, applications, and experiences. The alpha version of the LiquidVR SDK is available now.

amdlogo 320px

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