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AMD Launches LiquidVR SDK with 3D stereo Capabilities

AMD want to help owners of their graphics cards become a part of that market by offering game developers a new SDK called LiquidVR. 

LiquidVR is a set of innovative technologies focused on enabling exceptional VR content development for AMD hardware, improved comfort in VR applications by facilitating performance, and plug-and-play compatibility with VR headsets. The upcoming LiquidVR SDK makes a number of technologies available which help address obstacles in content, comfort and compatibility that together take the industry a major step closer to true, life-like presence across all VR games, applications, and experiences. The alpha version of the LiquidVR SDK is available now.

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The Future of Virtual Reality Headsets

At their inception, virtual reality (VR) headsets were two things: expensive and terrible. Gaming companies tried and failed to crack the code to the VR market. Both Nintendo (Virtual Boy) and Sega (Sega VR) released virtual reality devices that flopped in a short amount of time. Then, a small company called Oculus created a Kickstarter campaign to develop an advanced and affordable VR stereoscopic headset.

The campaign was a success and Oculus Rift is now a household name. Even when the developer's kit first launched in 2012, it was light-years ahead of any consumer product on the market. And, since it also was an open-source project, the developer community invented all sorts of ways to use the kit, such as for VR Half-Life 2 and augmented reality games.

Developers weren't the only ones to take notice of this plan, however. Just last year Facebook bought out Oculus for an impressive $2 billion (a combination of cash and stock). So, it was only a matter of time until others jumped on the hype train. Now, there is a new crop of VR headsets on the market that introduce new twists to the concept.

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Sony Will Deliver its Morpheus 3D VR Helmet in 2016

Morpheus, the future Sony VR helmet will be sold as an add-on to the Playstation 4 console from 2016 (most probably around Easter time). The preliminary version shown last sunday is capable of 120 Hz refresh on its 1920x1080 pixels OLED screen.

sony vr helmet 320px

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