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LED Video Walls with Passive 3D Add-on

A new invention to show 3D on common LED video walls was introduced at the fair ProLight&Sound in Germany in April this year. For the first time, large venue events like concerts, sports, fashion and corporate presentations can bring a stereoscopic 3D experience on LED walls to an unlimited audience. The key feature of the novelty is “Passive 3D” technology, which allows the use of maintenance-free RealD-like polarized glasses and low-cost disposables.

 3D-laser-show 250px

LED 3D add-on

The “LED 3D add-on” enables recorded and live 3D whenever wanted, while 2D content can be displayed as usual. The polarized LED light even enhances image quality with reduced glare and better contrast. “I wanted to use the brightness and useability of LED walls, but could not find anything available on the market. So I started to work on a solution.” says Tom Aufmesser, a show designer experienced in stereoscopy, who invented the “LED 3D add-on”.

Aufmesser was supported by Austrian LED display developer and manufacturer Multicolor. The “LED 3D add-on” is ready to market and already supports all Multicolor high-resolution panels of the FP-series like FP5, FP2.5 and FP1.8.

“LED 3D add-on” will be custom-made individually to fit most existing LED video walls of all manufacturers and can be added to new and used systems. The prototype was presented at the fair ProLight&Sound in Germany on April 10-13, 2013. Visit for details. Aufmesser provides also multi-viewer 3-D displays for event, fair and P.O.S. advertising under the Shots3D brand.