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"Birth of a Red Planet" 3D Exhibition Visible in Atlanta

Among other work, Artist Peter Bahouth exhibit presents seven 3D stereoscopic slides, arranged in chronological order of the Red Planet narrative. 

Visitors literally peer into Henry's world as he questions life on Earth, hops in a rocket, and propels himself into the universe.

 birth of a red planet 320px

 Peter Bahouth

PETER BAHOUTH (b.1953, Syracuse, NY) is a stereoscopic photographer whose work with 3-D photography is a result of his interest in the biology of vision, the history and use of stereoscopic technology, and his fascination with the 3-D images of his family taken by his father in the 1950’s. His work with stereoscopic photography – a medium developed in the 1830’s and popular throughout the first half of the 20th century - is very rare in the field of contemporary image making. This debut of Bahouth’s series "Birth of a Red Planet," reflects his inspiration from the 1950’s Viewmaster series, "The Adventures of Sam Sawyer: Sam Flies to the Moon," replete with seven illustrative scenes created from hand crafted miniature models, several maquettes of which will be on view. Peter also designs his own viewers to encourage people to participate in a highly personal method of viewing photographic images. Bahouth states, approaching his viewers is "Like looking through a hole in a fence, it is a peek into a time and place that requires the active choice and participation of the observer."

Bahouth’s work has been shown at numerous venues including: The Flow Art Fair in Miami, Pulse Art Fair NY, Kenise Barnes Fine Art and the USF Museum of Contemporary Art. His exhibit Post No Bills, the 2004 Public Art Project for Atlanta Celebrates Photography, consisted of 30 viewers placed in pedestrian areas of Atlanta, Georgia. Bahouth is a graduate of The University of Rochester and New England School of Law. He is the past Executive Director of U.S. Climate Action Network, Greenpeace USA and Ted Turner’s family foundation, and is now solely dedicated to his photography.


Using a childhood plaster doll from the 1940s named Henry as the subject, Bahouth and sculptor Nikki Starz worked together to create dioramas, miniature sets where — free of any digital enhancement — a visual narrative tells the story of their protagonist trying to make sense of his life on earth and longing for something greater. All of which is photographed with Bahouth's stereoscopic camera and seen through a View-Master lens. To create Henry's world, Bahouth and Starz made use of invisible wiring, found objects, and the frustratingly meticulous process of working in an all-analog format.


The Haghedon Foundation Gallery is located 425 PEACHTREE HILLS AVE in Atlanta, GA, USA.


The exhibition is open until January 24, 2015.

Source: Creative Loafing.