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Visit the 3DIVART Collection on the French Riviera

For one month, in Sophia-Antipolis is the first place in the world where you can see real-time digital art in glasses-free 3D. Powered by Taodyne's unique Tao3D digital signage solution, the glasses-free 3D display at SUDELECTRO offers an unprecedented visual experience, combining real-time 3D animations and interesting contents such as news, time or weather information.

 taodyne clock 320px

The 3DIVART collection

The 3D screen at SUDELECTRO shows a number of pieces from the 3DIVART collection. 3DIVART, or 3D interactive visual art, it's more than 100 digital art pieces specially crafted for glasses-free stereoscopic 3D displays, most of them thanks to our friends at ShaderToy. And the list keeps growing. Each piece is beautiful, intriguing, mind-blowing, or just funny. And each picture is rendered in real-time, ensuring an almost infinite number of variations.

Come and see it by yourself at Espace Saint-Philippe, Avenue de Roumanille in Biot, France.

Real-time information, the artistic way

3DIVART can be used to present information in a more entertaining way. For example, the collection includes a Dali-style clock (inspired by The Persistence of Memory), which shows the actual time. The clock's hands spin in a surrealistic movement around a floppy hourglass body. Other pages include a scrolling ticker with real-time news titles from a variety of RSS sources, including Google News or Clubic.

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More Info

Visit Sudelectro. com and for more.