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Don't Miss 3D-Auteurs in New York on November 11-29, 2016

"3-D Auteurs," a 19-day, 34-film festival spotlighting stereoscopic 3D movies by some of history's most distinguished directors, will run at Film Forum in New York, USA next month. The festival spans 3-D's earliest days (including some turn-of-the-century films by pioneer Georges Méliès) to the present, and represents virtually every genre, including Westerns, Film Noir, and Science Fiction.

3D in the 1950s was a cumbersome process that involved running two 35mm prints simultaneously (one for the left eye and the other for the right) with special filters for the projection booth windows, a silver screen, and polarised glasses. So-called "double-system" prints are therefore extremely rare, with places that can show them equally rare. Seven of those gems will be projected at 3D-Auteurs, including the only known 3D copy of Taza, Son of Cochise, starring Rock Hudson.

3D Auteurs 640px

 "3-D Auteurs" has been programmed by Jim Healy, director of programming of the Wisconsin Film Festival and the Cinematheque at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Says Healy, "While 3-D has been around for much of motion picture history, this series collects the work of the most celebrated international movie artists ever to experiment with the process, from Hitchcock, Raoul Walsh, and André de Toth - ironically, those last two each had one eye and couldn't experience 3-D - to contemporary digital 3-D PIONEERS like Scorsese, Herzog, Alfonso Cuarón, Ang Lee, and Johnnie To."

In addition to the features, the series includes several stereoscopic 3D shorts, including three recent Warner titles with Roadrunner, Coyote and Tweetie and Sylvester; two 3D Three Stooges shorts from the 1950s; NYC IN 3-D; and AUDIOSCOPIKS (1935), the first 3D movie ever released by a Hollywood studio. 

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Film forum is located on 209 West Houston Street, New York, NY 10014, USA (directions here).

For details, full schedule, and to buy tickets visit

Source: Broadwayworld.