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A new format for autostereoscopic broadcast

Triaxes ( Tomsk,Russia) proposes a new transmission format for autostereoscopic displays. Based on two views + two depth maps, the new format may be generated automatically from a standard stereoscopic source with two views. After transmission, the receiving autostereoscopic TV set is able to generate automatically the requested number of views to suit the display requirements. BBC and BSkyB seems interested, even if this is not for the short term.


Triaxes' technology accepts the left and right views and analyses the difference between the frames to create a grey scale depth map which autostereo displays then incorporates to transmit multiview images via lenticular or parallax barriers on the screen. Dimenco’s latest display, for example, features 28 different views.

Not for the short term : “The main hurdle is not the rendering or depth perception of the technology, but the quality of displays to generate multiple views at high resolution. The introduction of 4K flat panels may solve that, but right now they are too expensive.” said Giles Kimminau, a Triaxes consultant.

Triaxes is currently looking to obtain support for its technology with other autostereoscopic display manufacturers including, Alioscopy, Magnetic 3D, Tridelity and Miracube. Display producer CelVision is also testing the Triaxes software compatibility with their displays.

Triaxes is part of the Elecard Group, a Tomsk-based signal processing specialist. Both companies are featured at IBC booth 2A.28 in September. Read  TVBEurope for more info.