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Full HD3D Glasses Initiative

Back in August, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung announced a new initiative to standardize active 3D glasses called the Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative. Now this initiative has launched. The wireless protocols included in this standard are BlueTooth (radio frequency) and IR (infrared) The new glasses protocol will be compatible the XPanD 3D standard. Compatible glasses, external emitters, TV sets and projectors will show the logo displayed here under.


A licence program is set in place  that provides the following benefits to any companies interested in manufacturing compliant 3D device (TV/PC/Projector/external emitter) and compliant active shutter 3D eyewear:

  1. Use of the Full HD 3D Glasses Technology's technical specification for manufacturing and sales of compliant products. The technical specification includes communication protocol between 3D device and 3D eyewear and communication protocol between XPAND cinema system (used in movie theaters) and 3D eyewear.
  2. Use of essential patents owned by licensors to implement our Full HD 3D Glasses Technology's technical specification.

There are 2 types of license (License for TV/PC/Projector/Emitter and License for 3D Eyewear). Each license has 3 licensed technologies to choose from and several product categories to choose from in the license program. The license annnual fee in the TV/PC/Projector, External Emitter, and Component for TV/PC/Projector/External Emitter categories is 10,000$/year.

The external emitters will have to pay a &$:unit fee on top of the license cost. You will have to add the Patent grant back obligation under RAND conditions where appropriate.

The royalties for the 3Deyewear products on top of the license cost are in the range 0.30 to 0.70$ per unit according to the annual quantity produced.

Visit the Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative web site to follow what happens.