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ATSC 3D broadcast TV standard soon?

The Advanced Television Systems Committee Inc. (ATSC) has launched development of a 3D broadcast TV standard that will provide methods for transmission of 3D-TV content to both fixed and mobile devices.


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The 'Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative’ is born

Four companies will seek development of joint licensing on BlueTooth and Infrared driven consumer 3D active glasses: Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, and XpanD.


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A new format for autostereoscopic broadcast

Triaxes ( Tomsk,Russia) proposes a new transmission format for autostereoscopic displays. Based on two views + two depth maps, the new format may be generated automatically from a standard stereoscopic source with two views. After transmission, the receiving autostereoscopic TV set is able to generate automatically the requested number of views to suit the display requirements. BBC and BSkyB seems interested, even if this is not for the short term.


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3D Metadata : We need them !

The 20/20 3D Media research project, funded by the European Union presents an initiative for standardization of metadata for 3D, named M3DI (Initiative on 3D Metadata), and that is offered as an input for future standardization activities. This initiative has already raised the interest of important players in the different stages of the incipient 3D industry. Ask for an invitation and become part of the adventure !


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M-3DI: one more active glasses standard

M-3DI is a new standard being jointly developed by the two companies for 3D active-shutter eyewear products. Of course, both have a vested interest. Panasonic is a manufacturer of 3D TVs and Blu-ray 3D products, while XPAND 3D makes 3D eyewear.


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