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Handheld Cam + Fast Cut +3D = Nausea

Chinese moviegoers experimented the above equation firsthand this weekend when watching "Jason Bourne 3D", a 3D conversion of movie clearly NOT intended to be seen on stereoscopic screens... Watch the 2D trailer here under to understand why!

Moviegoers demand refund at a cinema in Beijing on Thursday. They felt sick while watching the Jason Bourne film with 3D glasses. Photo: Li Hao/GT

The Trailer Quote

The film, the fifth of the Jason Bourne series, has been heavily criticized two days after its release in China on Tuesday. The movie was slammed for its dizzying 3D effects, with many viewers saying the movie was not suitable for a 2D-to-3D adaption due to the film's violently shaking cinematography, thanks to director Paul Greengrass' hand-held camera-shooting style. What further irritated Chinese audiences, especially Jason Bourne fans, was the 3D version appears to be their only choice. 

2D-3D Ratio in China
According to The Beijing News, only 8 of 149 movie theaters in Beijing provided the 2D version as of Thursday. 

The average price for a 2D movie ticket in China is 30 yuan ($4.50), while the price for the 3D version is twice as much. "Cinemas were totally hijacked by the producers this time, because as long as the cinemas were capable of screening the 3D version, they were not given the encryption key for the 2D version," Shi Wenxue, a Beijing-based film critic, told the Global Times on Thursday.

Source: GlobalTimes, HollywoodReporter.