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Your Personal Immersive Cocoon (3D unnecessary, they said)

Gizmag presents today the concept of a futuristic immersive cocoon: Design and advertising firm NAU (Switzerland) proposes a different solution with its latest concept dubbed the Immersive Cocoon that looks to provide the sense of immersion without the 3D. NAU's concept instead does away with the 3D altogether to place users inside a four meter (13 ft) diameter carbon fiber sphere featuring a 360 degree interior dome-display.


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Craziest 3D pictures ever taken. Period.

Legault is a French engineer with a passion : astronomical photo. He even has an asteroid at his name... And now he is shooting 2D videos of the spece shuttle from the ground ! Imagine moving a van full of photo gear up to the south of Spain to watch (and film) the ISS-Shuttle combo passing in front of the sun for half a second and coming back with a perfect picture...

Who said you cannot do good 3D with a tele photo lens and fast vehicules? Check the parameters : front objects at 350 km, background at 8,000,000 km, target speed 28300 km/h (17580 mph) ....


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E3 coverage available online in 3D

For the first time ever, GamerLive.TV will broadcast 3D video coverage of the E3 game trade Expo to gamers and tech enthusiasts around the world. The high-quality, stereoscopic 3D video will be viewable via the YouTube video player for users with NVIDIA 3D Vision PCs.



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3DeeCentral adds more content for your mobile

If your mobile device or PC has the 3DeeCentral app installed, you will be happy to hear that more new 3D content is added every week. The company behind the online content library, Spatial View, has licensed over 100 3D titles from nearly 30 independent 3D filmmakers including Arius3D, 21st Century 3D, Passmore Labs, k2communications, JustCause3D, tree-D films, Dzignlight Studios, Glass Eye Pix, Lumen Actus, and Original SINE.


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3D Guy nominated for the Virtual Excellence Award

Al Caudullo, (also known as "3DGuy") a reporter and stereographer many of you are following at has been nominated for an award by the Association of virtual Worlds. If you are a fan, you may support him by just clicking here and voting for him (click on the stars to rate from 1 to 5) .


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