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3D Eco-System Tool

The 3D@Home Consortium announced today the availability of an online interactive tool defining a generic 3D eco-system in an easy to follow diagram with navigable scenarios for 3D deployment.  The tool is designed for product developers, design engineers, marketing strategists and others seeking to understand the technical direction of the creation, distribution and consumption of 3D data.


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2D-3D at DD creates more than 500 jobs in Florida

The 2D-3D conversion section of Digital Domain, now headquartered in Port St. Lucie, is the largest division with 151 employees, and is now expected to reach up to 500 jobs, surpassing the company's goal of hiring 500 overall employees by 2014.


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The 3D camera inside the Fukushima nuclear power plant

Hi-tech security cameras installed by Magna BSP (Arava, Israel) are recording events at the damaged core in Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant. "The thermal cameras also have the ability to detect the presence of radioactive clouds in the air.  Using these special cameras, we can also identify radioactive clouds, due to the spectrum that our cameras can sense”, said Magna’s head, Haim Sibon.


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Sendai earthquake in 3D

In the aftermath of the massive earthquake that struck northeastern Japan on March 11, 2011, several oil refineries caught fire in the Port of Sendai. NASA is publishing stellite views of the smoke plume in 3D. The images were acquired on March 12, 2011 by the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) instrument aboard NASA's Terra spacecraft.


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Backstage Connections sells 3D interactive theatres

Alterface's Interactive Haunted House will soon thrill visitors in England, China and the United States! As the business expands, Alterface signed a deal with Backstage Connections who will become a reseller of Alterface Interactive Theaters in the US.


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