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3D Improvements in Cognitive Processing

According to a new study, 3D can sharpen a child’s brain for a protracted period after the movie has been viewed and have a short-term “brain training” effect. The study follows-on from research in 2015 which looked into the impact of the different film formats on adults.

Improvement in ‘cognitive processing’ is almost three times greater as a result of watching stereoscopic 3D rather than a 2D film.

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Join the 3D Guild and Promote 3D Worldwide

Join the 3D Guild today and promote 3D worldwide Founded in May 2015 by 11 leaders of 3D from several countries, the 3D Guild is an international non-profit organization linking the world's professionals sharing a passion for 3D, with the goal of helping them to join forces and keep pushing back the fascinating and surprising frontiers of 3D.



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3D Visualization Market to Reach $3 BN in 2024

According to a new Transparency Market Research report, the global advanced (3D/4D) visualization systems market was valued at US$ 1.8 Bn in 2015 and is anticipated to expand at a 6.4% rate from 2016 to 2024 to reach US$ 3.2 Bn in 2024.

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"Ready Player One" Is Looking for Your 3D Avatar - And Will Pay for It...

Digital artists worldwide are invited to create a 3D avatar for the upcoming Steven Spielberg film "Ready Player One." Your 3D avatar may be featured in the movie, and you will be paid $1000 (if you waive rights), and get some media exposure, of course.... 

Check out the Creative Invite here under for more information on how to submit your design.

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Watch Pluto's Stunning Discovery in 3D

One of the strangest landforms spotted by Nasa's New Horizons spacecraft when it flew past Pluto last July was the 'bladed' snakeskin terrain. Now, Nasa has revealed the stunning landscape in incredible detail - and now you can see it for yourself if using stereoscopic  red-cyan anaglyph glasses.

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